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Awarded Bids and Proposals

Bid #DescriptionDocuments
18-022KBFine Arts Concert Uniforms and Related Items (Catalog) Award Letter
18-050KBConstruction of New Elementary School #51 (Richmond, TX) Award Letter
18-024LBCollege and Career Planning Platform Award Letter
18-030MCDelinquent Tax Attorney Award Letter
18-029MCBond Counsel Services Award Letter
18-023LBAudio Visual Equipment, Supplies and Related Items Award Letter
18-011MHEnergy Conservation Award Letter
18-039MHFitness Program Award Letter
18-010KBBriargate Elementary SPARK Park Award Letter
18-003KBMulti Campus Renovations (BP24) Award Letter
18-006KBMulti Campus Renovations (BP27) Award Letter
18-015KBAustin High School Re-Roofing Project (BP15A) Award Letter
18-007DHMulti Campus Renovations (BP28) Award Letter
18-004DHMulti Campus Renovations (BP-25) Award Letter
18-005KBMulti Campus Renovations (BP26) Award Letter
18-012MHBatteries for Automotive, Buses and Other Equipment Award Letter
17-077MHProject Management Services Award Letter
17-078KBMulti Campus Renovations (BP23) Award Letter
18-002KBWork Uniforms and Related Items Award Letter
17-045KBBand Uniforms and Related Items- Bush High School Award Letter
17-068KBSheet Music, Music Supplies, and Related Items (Catalog) Award Letter
17-064KBMission West Elementary School SPARK Park Award Letter
18-009LBOnline Registration Management & Payment System for Extended Learning Programs Award Letter
17-070LBOnline Credit Card Processing System Award Letter
17-075KBProfessional Services, Asbestos Abatement Consultant Award Letter

Cancelled Bids and Proposals

Bid #DescriptionDocuments
18-017KBCampus Marquee Replacement Phase II- High Schools & Middle Schools Cancellation Letter
18-018KBCampus Marquee Replacement Phase II- Elementary Schools Cancellation Letter
18-041DHReal Estate Broker/Consulting Services Cancellation Letter
18-034MHResearch and Program Evaluation Cancellation Letter
18-031MHFitness Program Cancellation Letter