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Awarded Bids and Proposals

Bid #DescriptionDocuments
17-075KBProfessional Services, Asbestos Abatement Consultant Award Letter
17-071HNProfessional Consultant Services-Curriculum Award Letter
17-074HNSpecial Education Services and Related Items Award Letter
Award Letter
17-036LBClassroom Instructional Learning Materials, Equipment, Supplies & Related Items Award Letter
17-064KBMission West Elementary School SPARK Park Award Letter
Award Letter
17-067KBPianos and Related Items (Catalog) Award Letter
17-049KBCapital Improvement Plan (CIP) Facility Needs Assessment Award Letter
17-054MHFundraising Consultant Services Award Letter
17-079MHIce Cream and Related Items Award Letter
17-060MHMedical Plan Administration, Stop Loss, PBM, FSA Administration Award Letter
17-042LJTrend Micro Smart Protection for Endpoints Award Letter
17-069KBIntercom, PA, Sound Systems & Digital Clock Repairs, Related Items and Services Award Letter
17-041KBConstruction of James Reese Career and Technical Center (BP29) Award Letter
17-061MHFinancial Advisor Service Award Letter
17-028MHSnacks, Beverages and Related Items Award Letter
17-059KBAquatics Apparel, Equipment, and Related Items (Catalog) Award Letter
17-052KBSpecial Education (SPED) Audio & Visual Surveillance Equipment, Services, and Related Items Award Letter
17-057KBBand and Orchestra Instruments, Equipment, and Related Items (Catalog) Award Letter
17-027MHChild Nutrition General Food Bid and Related Items Award Letter
17-044HNUniversal Screening for Reading and Mathematics Award Letter
17-046KBRenovations at Marshall HS and Hightower HS (BP14) Award Letter
17-037KBArchitectural Design Services for IT Closet Cooling & Environment Award Letter

Cancelled Bids and Proposals

Bid #DescriptionDocuments
17-066MHApplication Tracking System Cancellation Letter
17-051GTDesktop Virtualization (Computer Labs) Cancellation Letter