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Awarded Bids and Proposals

Bid #DescriptionDocuments
20-089ABOEM Kitchen Equipment Parts, Preventative Maintenance, Repairs and Related Items Award Letter
20-069ABSpecial Edcuation De-escalation and Restraint Training Award Letter
20-027KBSite Work Renovations at Multiple Campuses PKG025 Award Letter
20-017KBExterior Envelope at Multiple Campuses PKG019 Award Letter
20-082KBFine Arts Additions and Renovations at Multiple Campuses PKG010.2 Award Letter
20-081KBFine Arts Additions and Renovations at Multiple Campuses PKG010 Award Letter
20-022DEHVAC/MEP #A4 PKG045 at Multiple Campuses Award Letter
20-033DEConstruction of a New Agriculture Facility at Marshall High School PKG016 Award Letter
20-071DERoofing Replacement at Multiple Campuses in the East Zone PKG026 Award Letter
20-028DEHVAC/MEP #2A Replacement at Multiple Campuses PKG043 Award Letter
20-008DEKitchen Renovations PKG013 at Multiple Campuses Award Letter
20-026DEPKG021 Turfs and Athletics Award Letter
20-035KBHVAC/MEP Package #A5, A6 Multiple Campuses PKG046 Award Letter
20-025KBRenovations of FBISD Triplex - Building 1 and 2 PKG015 Award Letter
20-021KBMadden Elementary School - 10 Classroom Additions PKG005 Award Letter

Cancelled Bids and Proposals

No Cancelled Bids or Proposals