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Awarded Bids and Proposals

Bid #DescriptionDocuments
19-092MCMental Health Services Award Letter
19-093DEMeadows Elementary School Rebuild PKG004 Award Letter
19-074ABBooks, eBooks, and Audio Visual Media Award Letter
19-018LJApplication Tracking System Award Letter
19-084KBNeill Elementary School Building Additions PKG007 Award Letter
19-064MCSupplemental Professional Learning Consulting Services Award Letter
19-082MCTeacher Recruitment Services Award Letter
19-067ARIP (VOIP) Phones, Accessories, and Related Services Award Letter
19-072ABSmall Kitchen Equipment and Related Items Award Letter
19-077KBConstruction Management Services (CM-at-Risk) (Two Step Process) PKG 006 Lakeview ES Rebuild Award Letter
19-078KBConstruction Management Services (CM-at-Risk) (Two Step Process) PKG 009 ES #53 Award Letter
19-076KBConstruction Management Services (CM-at-Risk) (Two Step Process) PKG 050 HS #12 Award Letter
19-066MCSupplemental Instructional Resources for K-12: ELA,MATH,SCIENCE,SOCIAL STUDIES,WORLD LANG.,HEALTH,PHYS.ED.,STEM,CODING,ROBOTICS Award Letter
19-047MCRequest for Qualifications (RFQ): Supplementary Special Education Skilled Nursing Services Award Letter
19-034LJChild Nutrition Software System Award Letter
19-024LBCTE Instructional Resources Award Letter

Cancelled Bids and Proposals

No Cancelled Bids or Proposals