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Awarded Bids and Proposals

Bid #DescriptionDocuments
18-065DHReal Estate Broker/Consulting Services Award Letter
18-084KBConstruction Manager Agent/Owners Representative for 2018 Bond Program Award Letter
18-036KBPhysical Education (PE) and Athletic Supplies, Equipment, and Related Items (Catalog) Award Letter
18-040MHCharter Bus and Transportation Services Award Letter
18-058MHTrucking Services and Trailer Rentals Award Letter
18-063MHResearch and/or Program Evaluation Award Letter
18-047MCLegal Services for Fort Bend ISD Award Letter
18-074MCID Badges, Printer System, Camera System, Supplies and Services Award Letter
19-012ARIntegrated Pest Management Services Award Letter
18-087DHCenter for Technical Excellence (CTE) Cosmetology & Law Equipment/Items Award Letter
18-079DHCenter for Technical Excellence (CTE) Equipment/Items Award Letter
18-086MCSpecial Education Services Award Letter
18-088LBSpecial Education Services and Related Items Award Letter
18-090LBProfessional Staff Development Technical Assistance Program Evaluation for Special Education Topics Award Letter
18-089LBSchool Boundaries / Comuunity Engagement Award Letter
18-083KBRequest for Qualifications (RFQ): Special Education Skilled Nursing Services Award Letter
18-076LBBenefits Management ConsultingServices for fort Bend ISD Award Letter
18-071KBPerforming and Visual Arts Organizations and Related Services Award Letter
18-025KBAwards, School Spirit Products (Non Apparel), and Related Items Award Letter
18-070KBSigns, Banners, Related Items and Services Award Letter
18-044MHFresh Produce and Related Items Award Letter
18-049MHBread, Bread Products and Related Items Award Letter
18-043LBInstructional Resources: Word Study ELA, Early Literacy, Tier 1, 2, 3 and Robotics/Coding Award Letter
18-032DHTelecommunications Audit Services Award Letter
18-046MCProfessional Consulting Services-Curriculum Award Letter
18-014HNProfessional Staff Development/Technical Assistance/Program Evaluation for Special Education Topics Award Letter
16-096JKRecess Coaching Services and Related Items Award Letter
16-092CCDigital Radio Equipment, Related Items and Services - Buses Award Letter
18-052KBDistrict Wide MDF/IDF Upgrades Award Letter

Cancelled Bids and Proposals

Bid #DescriptionDocuments
19-011ARVehicle Maintenance, Body Repair, Painting Services, Mechanical Rebuilding, & Related Items Cancellation Letter
19-025DHOwner Controlled Insurance Policy (OCIP) Cancellation Letter
19-022KBTechnology Consultant/Design and Engineering Professional Services Qualifications for 2018 FBISD Bond Program Cancellation Letter